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Scaruffi's Brief History of Classical Music

My new project is to collect all of the compositions that Piero Scaruffi lists on his Brief History of Classical Music. You'll find many, many works here (from Hildegarde of Bigen to today), including many that are OOP, and perhaps you'll be able to contribute!

Noah Howard - The Black Ark

Not classical, I know, but I doubt anyone here will complain. Here is Noah Howard's utterly awesome The Black Ark from 1969, out of print. My jazz album discovery of the month.

The Black Ark

Piero Scaruffi's Rock Album Recording Date Project

In August 2006, music historian and critic Piero Scaruffi wrote the following to his website:
I would like to date all rock albums with their recording date, not with their release date... The older I get, the more fed up I am that we are so influenced by what the bureaucrats of record labels did: a work of art should be dated with the date when the artist finished it, not the date when someone else started selling it!
Scaruffi's online music database covers thousands of musicians. You can help with his epic project to gather recording dates (month and year) for each album in his database by checking the liner notes for each album you own that he has written about, and submitting them to Scaruffi via email in the following format:

Artist: Title (month year)

Thank you for contributing to recorded history!