Carl Orff - Orff-Schulwerk Volume 1

Haven't been able to track down the other volumes yet, but here's Vol. 1:

Orff-Schulwerk Volume 1

Various - Unknown Public 8: Sensuality, Essence & Nonsense

A collection of avant-garde tracks from Unknown Public in 1996. Now unavailable.

Sensuality, Essence & Nonsense


Sorry for the death of posts! My time has been consumed elsewhere, including with this project (under my alter-ego lukeprog).

Does anyone have any Unknown Public releases? Those all seem to be out of print.

Wire's 100 Records That Set the World On Fire

Here are downloads for albums on Wire's infamous "100 Records That Set the World on Fire, While No One Was Listening" list. (Several are avantgarde and out of print.)

Ake Hodell - Purgatory / Electric Buddha

This extremely rare 1972 disc from multiple-discipline artist Ake Hodell contains four of his Luc Ferrari-esque electro-acoustic compositions. Enjoy.

Purgatory / Electric Buddha

Michael Levinas - Les Rires Du Gilles, etc.

This 1989 Michael Levinas album contains several of his compositions. Each of the pieces is a terrifying nightmare. Many thanks to Jordan for sending me this. Liner notes included.

Les Rires Du Gilles, etc.