Dream Syndicate - 2 IV 64, Day Of The Holy Mountain

Many thanks to Misha for sending me this. He wrote that this is an "extremely rare 1964 bootleg/recording of The Dream Syndicate, which I presume to go by the name of "2 IV 64 Day Of The Holy Mountain". It features the rare sounds of La Monte's Sopranino, which I heard on your blog only in the song B Flat Dorian Blues 19 X 63, 5th Day Of The Hammer."

I uploaded it to SendSpace because it was too big for Rapidshare.

Day of the Holy Mountain


skafunkrastapunk is a great forum for finding rare recordings of classical, jazz, and other music. You can find hundreds of recording indexed in the sticky posts of the Classical, Jazz World forum, alone. I'm sure that any of you who like what's been posted on Classical Connection will love what you see at skafunkrastapunk. See you there!

(I will continue to update Classical Connection when I have more OOP albums to post.)

Guillermo Gregorio - Ellipsis

Many thanks to Reimer for sending me Guillermo Gregorio's other fantastic mid-90s avant-garde/jazz album, Ellipsis!

Part 1
Part 2

My Requests

Dinu Lipatti - Works, Vol. 1
Arnold Van Wyk - Primavera / Symphony No. 1 / Symphony No. 2
Josip Stolcer-Slavenski - Sinfonija Orijenta (1934)
Mordechai Seter - Jerusalem (1968)
Primoz Ramovs - Symphony No. 4 (1968)
Hugues Dufourt - Erewhon (1977) - thanks, arcaf!
Michael Levinas - Les rires du gilles - thanks, Jordan!
Natasa Danilovic - Horror Vacui
Guillermo Gregorio - Approximately - thanks, Eugene!
Guillermo Gregorio - Ellipsis - thanks, Reimer!
Diedre Murray - Running Man
D.D. Jackson - Québécité

To my knowledge, all these are out of print, or may never have been released.